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Getting Started

Get started with the SDK in just a few lines of code.


Use your favorite package manager to install the SDK. The sdk is available on npm

npm i @effectai/sdk

Quick Start

1. Import and Instantiate the EffectAI Client

EOS Testnet
import {
} from "@effectai/sdk";
const client = await createClient({ network: jungle4 });

2. Using the client

import {
} from "@effectai/sdk";
const campaigns = await getCampaigns({ client });

3. Authentication

Depending on your use case, you might need some sort of authentication with the EOS blockchain. Authentication is done through passing a Wharfkit Session. Read our guide on how to Authentication depending on your environment.

What's next ?

Now that we have a basic understanding of how to set up the client, we can move on to more advanced topics, like creating our first data collection campaign. Read more on the following pages.